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List of Illustrations

This page provides a complete list of the main illustrations in Wonders of World Engineering.

There are separate lists for the colour plates and the photogravure supplements. Links are provided to take you to these illustrations.

Colour Plates

A Giant of the Air

The Mersey Tunnel

From Cliff Top to the Lighthouse

Pouring White Hot Steel from a Bessemer Converter A Streamlined Giant of the CPR

The Burrinjack Dam

The Little Belt Bridge

Tower Bridge Under Construction

An Aircraft Engine Being Tested

The Pelton Wheel

High Pressure Vessels

Electric Lifting Magnets

Grain From Overseas

The “Coronation Scot” leaving London

The New Tyne Bridge

A Large Water Tube Boiler

The George Washington Bridge

A Concrete Mixing Plant

Building Laggan Dam

The Swing Bridge Across the River Waveney

Gold-Dredging Machinery

A Gigantic Hydraulic Press

Spanning Sydney Harbour

Steam Turbine Construction

Controlling the Thames

Photogravure Supplements

Harnessing Niagara

Building the Boulder Dam

Spanning the Firth of Forth

The Nile Under Control

Stone and Steel on Pilatus

Modern Cranes at Work

The “Hindenburg”

New York’s Giant Bridges

The Shannon Power Scheme

The Victoria Falls Bridge

Romance of African Copper

The World’s Highest Buildings

The World’s Largest Graving Dock

The Huey Long Bridge

The Birchenough Bridge

Steel - From Ore to Ingot

London’s Dockland Highway

Europe’s Longest Swing Bridge

Motorways of Germany

Control of the Tennessee River

Building a Great Cathedral

Desert Reclamation in the West

The Eiffel Tower

The Bridges of Stockholm

The World’s Greatest Aqueduct

The Story of London’s Docks

Electrical Auxiliaries

Reclaiming the Zuider Zee

Triumphs of Canal Building

Great Danish Bridges The World's Highest Buildings