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Modern Engineering Practice

Modern Engineering Practice was a series of one-page articles which appeared throughout Wonders of World Engineering. Here is a complete list of the articles, with links to the relevant issues.

Modern Engineering Practice

  1. Electric Travelling Crane
  2. The Electric Excavator
  3. Turbine-Driven Locomotive
  4. LMS Pacific Express Locomotive
  5. LNER Streamlined Locomotive
  6. Plano-Milling Machine
  7. High-Pressure Locomotive
  8. Lifting Span and Swing Bridges
  9. Manufacture of a Rotor Shaft
  10. GWR 4-6-0 Express Locomotive
  11. Emergency Generating Set
  12. Agricultural Tractor
  13. Yarrow Water Tube Boiler
  14. The Pelton Wheel
  15. Southern Railway Express 4-6-0
  16. Portable Mechanical Hammer
  17. Ship Stabilizing Fin
  18. Electro-Plating Plant
  19. Motor Railcar
  20. The Oil-Engined Ship
  21. The Marsh Buggy
  22. Mixed Traffic Locomotive
  23. Swimming Pool Machinery
  24. Eight-Coupled Locomotive
The Pelton Wheel